2 New Tiny World Map Pillow Cases


Mid month into the advent posting self-challenge and I am pretty satisfied that I only missed 2 out of 15 posts. 9 more to go before Christmas and then… holidays!

Now back to the point of this post: I love this world map fabric I use for making the world map bags on Etsy. I already made myself a world map bag and wanted to make pillowcases from it for such a long time I almost forgot about it.

I used the same technique I explained in the 5 minute pillowcase tutorial because I didn’t want to use zippers or buttons. These cushions are made for napping 🙂 and you don’t want a button shape on your face when you wake up, do you?

9 thoughts on “2 New Tiny World Map Pillow Cases”

  1. I love the prints! I was thinking of making some kind of pattern and painting cats on some fabric… but then it got too complicated. love your idea with stamps though!

  2. Great idea!
    I would go for the tiny birds, penguin skirt (I’m not into bugs really) or the flying kites!

    Looking forward to see your design 🙂

      1. Well, the penguins are a little too big, but I like how they look on that skirt. But for a shirt, I would like them smaller for a cutter effect 🙂

  3. Liz J in Central Illinois

    Love the dots! That would be beautiful. And I think brightly colored kites on a sky blue background would be gorgeous!

  4. Ina: me encantó tu blog. Es muy variado y por lo tanto, muy interesante. Y eso que aún no termino de repasarlo. Todo, todo está muy bién elaborado. un abrazo y felicitaciones-

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