DIY Natural Beetroot Dyed Easter Eggs

If you’d like to paint eggs in a natural way this Easter, you could try this quick tutorial.

I first grated the beetroot and boiled it until it was done. If you don’t want to grate it, you can also cut it into chunks.

easter eggs with beetroot

I strained the beetroot, mix it with carrots and mayo and made a side salad 🙂 I kept simmering the remaining dye for 10 more minutes.

In the meantime, I boiled the eggs. You can also boil the eggs in the beetroot coloured water! I think the colour would stick much better (and they’ll be pink inside as well 🙂

how to color easter eggs with beets

I then mixed the natural dye with vinegar and let the eggs absorb some of the colour for about half an hour.

naturally colored easter eggs

The result is a pale pink, but I find it a great way to reuse what you have around the kitchen!


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