Holiday Sewing: 5 Beautiful Linen Aprons

Do you cook? I do. Does your kitchen get very messy when you do? I do. Do you wear an apron? Me neither.

I always thought there was something too cute about them. Too housewivey. Until I saw a coffee barrista sipping their slow made brew, dressed up in a chambray shirt and covered with a pale olive green linen apron.

Aprons can be beautiful, especially when they are at work.

Here are Jones and Didier Murat, a beautiful couple who run Vergennes Laundry, via Remodelista.


The next two aprons are made of linen and can be found at Shop Fog Linen. The cool thing about linen is that is becomes softer with every wash, but if you like the crisp look you will have to iron it after each wash, otherwise it will look like in the photo above.

blue grey garcon apron

full apron navy blue

Another nice full apron is this one from More & Co. It’s made in softer striped linen and has one small pocket.

linen apron 1

In case you were wondering how difficult it is to make the pattern for one, this apron from Mill explains it all:


Do you have some linen or cotton around? Don’t you feel like giving your cooking a little bit of style?