How to make a Turban-style headband

Summer. You pour a glass of cold water and the surface of the glass instantly turns opaque, then melts into thin, transparent paths. You wait for, and enjoy even the mildest breeze in the hot air.

Summers are for keeping what your wear airy and fluid and your hair up and away from your face. They’re also a good time to start simple and useful projects, like a turban-style headband.

It’s easy to make one. All you need is scrap fabric and a piece of elastic. I started by creating two wedge shaped tubes of fabric, that I stitched on both sides and turned inside out.

The length of the pieces is the distance of your head, from one ear to the other, going over your crown. It’s up to you how wide you make your headband.


I then arranged them to form a loop, like so:



Once the loop was formed and shaped, I prepared another tube of fabric, somewhat thinner than the main loops and with the length corresponding to the distance from one ear to the other, going around the nape of the neck, plus 2.5 cm (1 in) on either side. Then I inserted elastic in that fabric tube and pinned it at both ends. then stitched it securely.

IMG_4973sI then sewed the loops side to the elastic side as neatly as possible. Here, I folded towards the inside the elasticated tube and pushed in the two loops from one side, then stitched by hand using tiny stitches.


Repeat on the other side and you’re done!


Now you’ll want to make another five of them and that’s ok 🙂

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