I Made A Fabric Pouf!

a pouf made of logs

It’s comfy, it’s cozy, it’s a fabric pouf!

I wanted to make a pouf for some time now but I only tried it a few days ago. Now I want to make another one. And another one. How many fabric poufs can a home hold?


The pouf itself was really easy to make. I drew a circle on my fabric using a pencil, a string and a pin. I tied the string to the pencil, then pinned the other side of the string onto the centre of my to-be-drawn circle. If you have a compass that’s large enough, you could also use that, I’m just saying… you don’t need one.

pin the pouf in place

Once you’re happy of your circle measure the diameter (mine was 61 cm/24 inches). You will need two of these circles to make the pouf and a long rectangle of fabric to create a cylinder shape.

To figure out the measurements of your cylinder (or pouf base) first decide how tall you want your pouf to be. Mine was approximately 30 cm/11.8 in. Then to figure out how long your rectangle you should be multiply the diameter of your circle by π.

So, in my case, my pouf was 61 cm; I multiplied this by 3.14 and got to a 191 cm, which corresponds to my circle’s circumference.

i used lots and lots of pins

I sewed one of the circles to the rectangle first, then the second. I poured the pouf filling inside, then stitched it by hand.

It’s as easy as that!

8 thoughts on “I Made A Fabric Pouf!”

    1. Hey, thanks! I used a mix of fabric scraps that I’ve collected since summer and polystyrene balls that I’ve bought from a local craft shop. I put the fabric in the middle, and filled the rest with the poli-fill

    1. Good idea! Are you not worried you will ruin your fabric?

      I would love to do that too… thinking, thinking…

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