Make as you need compostable crochet dish rag

I’ve been using these crochet dish rags for maybe a year now. They work fine for handwashing dishes, make a decent amount of foam (not as much as a sponge, but then again, plastic sponges are evil). I like that I can throw them in the washing machine, they dry quickly, and when it needs to be replaced I just make another one.

There’s nothing fancy about this, just row after row of double crochet stitches on a chain of 20 stitches or so.

I got the soap from a local outdoor market, it works well for dishes, but my partner prefers the commercial liquid dishwashing soap to the bar. I tried making the bar into liquid soap, but I always get a gooey liquid that doesn’t lather much. If you know how to prevent this, I’d love to know!

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