Inspiring Women: Embroidery Patterns to Use as You Wish

free embroidery patterns of anna, iris, frida and grace

Staying at home is difficult for most, but probably the least affected are individuals with hobbies such as ours: sewing, embroidery, knitting, drawing, all silent, individual, meditative acts.

In these strange times, the best is to focus on the positive. For us makers that means more time for creative activities. To celebrate our passions I am putting out these doodles of four inspiring women who changed the course of modern arts. These are women who don’t need a last name, you know who they are: Anna, Grace, Iris, and Frida.

You can use the doodles in any way that you want, you can print them and color them, embroider them, use them to make something else. If you are running a small business you may also use these commercially for derivative work, I just ask not the sell them as they are, since they are provided here for free.

Enjoy making beautiful things.

inspiring women embroidery patterns


Here’s what’s in the pdf:

anna embroidery pattern freegrace embroidery pattern free

iris embroidery pattern freefrida embroidery pattern free

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