Bergamo’s Sweet and Salty

Bergamo is a small town close to Milano, Italy. It’s green, it’s warm, the people are jolly and the food is delicious.

I’m going to keep it short this time: if you’re going to Bergamo, go hungry. You’ll be happy you were. The city is full of little shops that sell homemade chocolate, marzipan, candy, all kind of pastry and… pizza… lots of pizza.

For breakfast try the croissants with yogurt and jam. Delicious!


For brunch try something new, like this polenta cake-like thingy


or a piece of almond chocolate


or one of the many and delicious chocolate chip breads.


Since you’re not very hungry yet, it’s safe to look at the hand-made pastapasta

or admire the marzipan fruit.


You will not resist to a cannoli with cream. I didn’t πŸ™‚ You shouldn’t either.


By lunch, have a piece of pizza of two in one of the pizza shops in the centre. It’s delicious. From the classical Pizza Margherita to pizza with mozzarella and walnuts, with capers and grana padano, with salami or anchovies – all of them are delicious.

It’s also the first time we were served pizza with a piece of bread as a side dish!



To end the day have a macchiato in one of the very many cafes in the town. And relax.