Have a Merry Christmas!

Food. We love it, we hate it. It makes us feel happy, in love, guilty or sick. It makes us work better or sleepy. Makes us invent; makes us kill. It doesn’t seem to be so, but food is a tabu subject. How you eat, why, where, with whom; it says so much about you and your beliefs, about your culture and your personality that sometimes we tend to keep it secret.

Okay, maybe not secret, but when we share food, when we cool for someone, we usually do it for the ones we love most. For the ones we trust. For those who believe in us. Eating together is one of the most beautiful things friends do together.

So, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Day, that you’ve cooked something, you’re visiting friends who cook or just get together with your friends and family and share the good stuff you’ve done this year and what you’re going to do in the next. And of course, eat well.

Merry Christmas 🙂