How to make confiture (or other fruit syrup)

Of course you can just buy it. But then again why not make it? A fruit syrup is nice for pancakes, crepes and all kinds of cakes and cupcakes. I also put it over the easy pear tart I made the other day. Extra bonus? Makes things shiny!

So, to make confiture, or sirup (you can use the fruit separately for cakes or even salads!), you will need:

The base of the confiture

1 cup of fruit (grated or minced if the fruit is not a berry)
2 cups of sugar
1 cup of water

Note: I used quince here, but you can use apples, strawberries, berries, plums – just be imaginative. You can also mix flavors.

A confiture is basically fruit boiled in water and sugar. It’s important to put the fruit in the pan only after the water and sugar start forming a white foam.

You can boil it for a half an hour with the lid on but I encourage you to try it from time to time. To do this you take half a teaspoon of the boiling syrup and you put it on a plate with cold water. it will cool and you can then touch it – that’s the consistency of your syrup when it cools down. If it’s too thick, add a bit of water, if it’s too thin, let it boil a few minutes more.

how to make confiture detail

When it’s almost done you can add flavors and condiments, try vanilla, lemon and orange peel, pepper.
Enjoy your home-made syrup aka fruit confiture!