How to knit an easier herringbone stitch

I love the video tutorial above by user Oversize Me on Vimeo. I wish they made more videos about knitting because this one is so inspiring. The light is beautiful and the wool looks so fluffly. It just makes you want to knit night and day.

In case you don’t read French, here is the technique as shown above.

This is how to knit the herringbone stitch:

  1. Cast on your stitches for you swatch.
  2. Knit the first row until the end
  3. Knit two toghether (k2tog), then slip off 1 stitch
  4. Purl two toghether (p2tog), then slip off 1 stitch
  5. Repeat

I find this version of the herringbone stitch easier than other versions I’ve seen, but this technique does make a rather stiff, close toghether knit fabric, so if you’re a tight knitter you might want to go down a needle size or two.

I feel it looks beautiful on bulky wool!

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