Streamline for time wasters

Normally every Sunday I take my notebook and make a master list of the things that I have to do next week. I put everything in it and then every day I add from the list to the daily to do list. It works.  But this week, maybe because of the holidays and all I got totally carried away. I am late with some things I have to send in two days and I cannot properly relax.  This is another getorganized tip: make a streamline of the way you spend your time for a few weeks and see where you’re…

Some of my newest bags

The small and sexi Circus Dancer – Trapez, perfect for night out or in:)                       This is Wendy. She’s of course a friend of Peter Pan’s and she can carry around a lot of dreams and ideas every day.                                       And the Journalist – a bag for the man and women of the news, and not only. Big, roomy, fun.

The throw away 7 things a day rule

I’ve been reading Maria Gracia’s organizing newsletter almost every week for more than a year now and today I discovered another fun and very doable solution for clutter-free houses. And she says : Get rid of 7 things each day. Get rid of paper you no longer need, email you’re done reading, plastic containers that have been gathering dust, and basically anything else that isn’t of any use to you. If you get rid of 7 things each day for the entire year, you will have lightened your load by 2,555 items by the start of 2010! Let’s see how…

4 days to Christmas – getting ready

  Playful Penguins, originally uploaded by SmallThingsIced. So it’s Sunday. The house is a mess, but it will be cleaned. The cookies need to be baked. The house needs to be reorganized and decorated. The guest beds are to be made. The plan needs to be properly drafted:) What i found is that the literature does not get me in the mood to organize, but the pictures do:) Simple as that! So here are some hints to get you going:) organized with bags organized closet notebooks supplies 1 and 2 Ok, I’ll stop now: D

I think I’m in love

So I just discovered this guy, who claims he is just a weekend designer but, boy, do his creations make me rrrr.: ) His designs are simple, but very well constructed, just like an architect’s (is he?) He also gives instructions for the things.  Did I mention I love his punchline too? – It ain’t rocketscience. Oh, my.:) TWO of my favourite creations:

My new “ninas” bag!

I love it, i love the material, the shape, the girls:) This is the inside and these are closeups of the girls. Aren’t they lovely?                                                           Can’t wait to see what my friend did with her half:> Dana, what say you?

A thing to read after a good fight

Fighting is a craft in itself. Some do it horribly, other with such a talent that you walk away smiling. But sometimes they can make you really miserable. A British columnist, called Mil Millington, wrote a blog (first) and a book (after) all about the numerous fights he has shared with his superbly “mad” girlfriend, the German Margret.

Skirty issues – how not to be afraid of skirts anymore

Chances are you might not look like Barbie. (It’s not her fault she’s so beautiful:P) And that you might be a fan of some women magazines. And that, even you are all grown up, smart and serious – not to mention extremely hot:)- you might think that your legs are too fat/too chicken-like/too short/too strange/too manly. That’s all fine.  What is not fine at all is that you say no to skirts. Not as long as there are so many fun ways of dressing up. OTHER than pants. Or jeans.  All you need is a little knowledge (know your body…