3 reasons to love small shops

The other day I went to a small paper shop on Girona Street to buy some carbon paper for copying patterns (just in case I eventually decide on a pattern), which reminded why I really like small shops.

[googlemaps http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=embed&hl=en&q=Carrer+del+Bruc,+91,+08009+Barcelona,+Catalu%C3%B1a,+Spain&sll=41.981825,2.823658&sspn=0.074522,0.152092&ie=UTF8&cd=2&geocode=Fa-kdwIdNhUhAA&split=0&hq=&hnear=Carrer+del+Bruc,+91,+08009+Barcelona,+Catalu%C3%B1a,+Spain&ll=41.40572,2.172289&spn=0.001133,0.002376&z=14&layer=c&cbll=41.39488,2.171068&panoid=I6VsPeU0lErw8B2G2F82-w&cbp=12,195.82,,0,5&output=svembed&w=425&h=350]

1. Because you have to talk to a person and hold a polite conversation for a minute or more, not just take stuff from a shelf.

2. You can buy stuff in strange numbers, such as 17, 34 or 2 and a half (as opposed to buying things in 100/500/1000 pre-counted, pre-packaged, pre-cut sets).

3. Even though most of the times it is kept simple and functional, the packaging makes it feel like a small treasure.

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