3 Reasons You Should Draw Sketches

clothes sketches

One day or another we all have to face it. We are not (at least not all of us 🙂 ) geniuses who can draw beautifully, cut flawlessly and sew magically. In case you sew – and probably you do – or maybe you’re planning on learning how to do it (good for you! – check out the sewing tutorials  page) – ok, in case you sew but you can’t draw there’s one thing to do: draw.

Umm… but the whole point here is that we can’t draw. Yeah, I know, I can’t either. This shouldn’t stop you.


For a number of reasons. I’ll give you three:

  1. When you draw you remember your ideas. You don’t draw, you forget.  I’ve noticed writing about it doesn’t help. Seeing it, does. Give it a try.
  2. When you draw you understand better how you could make it. If you need, you can then break down the design into layers, pieces, details.
  3. Drawing simplifies – so if you’ve already sewn something similar, or if you own a basic pattern that can serve as a starting point for your new design – you’ll see it right away.
fashion sketches

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