9 embroidery pieces that will make you want to grab a needle and thread

I’ve been thinking about embroidery lately because I wanted to refresh a thin sweater I wear all the time (including when I’m cooking without an apron). The stain is barely visible, but it’s still there. I am in between doing something big and bold (like big Frida Khalo style florals) or something really tiny and barely visible, almost like a polo logo.

Here are some of the embroidery pieces on Instagram that inspire me most:

  1. This cute otter patch

The advantage of trying this is that I could embroider the tiny otteron another piece of fabric and then decide if it works on the sweater. It looks so delicate and cute!

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2.This fragile and beautiful embroidered boquet I don’t think I would embroider this bouquet on a sweater but I really like how pretty the flowers look. Almost real.


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3. This retro feeling super fun cactus embroidery

I love this embroidery in so many ways! First, the oval embroidery hoop, then the cacti and the 90s vibe. Are you also singing that MC Hammer song in your head right now?

4. This cross stitch on velvet I love how unexpected this traditional cross-stitch motif is on this shiny velvet top. Genius!

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5. These lovely birds

6. This must make shy glasses mini hoop Because it’s a mini hoop with an I’d-Love-To-Meet-You-For-A-Coffee kind of personality.

7. Another polar bear embroidery. Love the texture

I love the use of negative space in this little embroidery.


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8. And yet another bear embroidery 😀

9. This beautiful embroidery thread box

If none of the above will make you want to pick up a needle and thread, like the title promises, let’s try a bit of craft supplies magic.

What is it about supplies that makes one want to drop everything and start making?

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Have you bookmarked any embroidery recently? I’d love to see it!

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