A Fancy Lunch Bag in Origami Fabric


Sometimes I do something all seamstresses will tell you it’s a no-no. I cut before I measure, I sew before I think stuff through. Many times 🙂 I end up with a mess, other times, I make something surprisingly fun. Every time I learn something from it. I wish I did it more often – just play with fabric and shapes and plan less.

Anyway, this is one of those cut, cut sew – “Ooh! It’s not horrible” times. I always liked this super simple bags and with my latest bias tape passion I finally decided to give it a try.


This pattern is perfect for using smaller pieces of fabric. And if you’re going to make the bias tape from another fabric – you can make this bag from almost any fabric remnant you have that’s larger than 30/40 cm (12/16 in). Or a fat eight, like they call it.

I used a magnetic snap for closure and I fell in love with the clean, minimalistic feel that the snap gives the bag. Velcro would look totally different on this bag. And I’m not even considering using a zipper.

What do you think? Any suggestions of how I could improve it? What about the fabric, what kind would you use?

8 thoughts on “A Fancy Lunch Bag in Origami Fabric”

    1. Te gusta? 😀
      Estoy pensando hacer algo asi – un poco mas grande – para hacer el mercado. Me imagino una baquette saliendo de un lado y un ramo de perejil del otro :>

  1. Perfect fabric, I’ve been seeing the origami fabric around a lot, very popular right now. The snap looks fine. It’s a beautiful success! I tend to do things without patterns that are sometimes a mess 🙂 –still practicing, though!

    1. O really? I bought it from Ikea (maybe that’s why 🙂

      Thanks for dropping by and for your comment. I love the latest kidwear you’ve made!

  2. Hey, that’s a really cool bag! Love that fabric and I’m a fan of magnetic snaps on bags – they’re fun and really easy to use. 🙂

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