A February stash-busting report and thoughts

messy fabric scraps on the floor

A drawer for cottons, a shelf for knit fabric, a corner for florals and a bunch of fabric for making skirts. Then the scraps. Sorted by size at first and then just stuffed in bags and boxes and cupboards. Every time you clean you go “Oh, my… oh, my…” and if you have an idea for a project you always go and buy some fabric.

For now I will pretend the description above is purely fictions. I will not even try the ” I have a friend” tactics, on you 🙂

Last month’s theme was purging, reusing, recycling and stash busting. It’s been hard. And inspiring. And I decided to continue the challenge. (That’s the short version).

The full story is I’ve made some stuff:



I created a corner on Krrb where I have away some of the bags I never use. (There are still a few left, take a look). This was such a nice experience: to give a better home and a better owner (sic!) to the things you make, you love and then never use. Fun, fun!

I’ve also traded, which was very inspiring (more on this soon!:) and met very very nice people, which is always soul-candy.

Aand, last but not least, I’ve only but fabric two times: first time because I actually did’t have orange cotton for the carrot pouches and the second time because I’ve accidentally found a very good knit fabric in a dark blue that i <3 and it was only €1 a meter. It would have been a sin not to get it, right?

Right? What about you? How crafty was your February and what are you planning to do in March.

(I know I will miss Kittenhood‘s thing a day, I will:)