A Free Barbie Dress Pattern

barbie doll in blue dress on colorful sofa

In two weeks time, my niece, the one who made me actually consider (end then actually do it) buying a Barbie doll and start re-learning how to sew doll clothes, is going to be two years old.

Happy Birthday to her!

Apparently she is too small to play with fashion dolls and her father tells me she might prefer cars and balls when she grows up – but we’ll see. I still have one year left to get pro at sewing doll clothes. I’ve posted some of my adventures, tips and patterns before, but I plan on sewing better clothes and posting more free patterns.

Until then, here’s a free_barbie_dress_pattern!

Here’s the dress again laid flat.

barbie blue and green summery clothes set

5 thoughts on “A Free Barbie Dress Pattern”

  1. I can not find the link to the free pattern of this Barbie dress…
    is it possible to send me the pattern by mail ?

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