A Harper-inspired tunic

I’ve seen so many beautiful Harper tunics on Instagram and I wanted to make one as well. I made this wearable muslin in a 100% cotton bedsheet from Ikea and when I first tried it on, it was huuuge. I then made some adjustment, and took it in on the sides, and it’s still very oversized. Bear in mind, I am also quite short.

striped tunic with linen pants

“I made a muumuu”, I told myself looking into the mirror. And not the lovely, traditional, Hawaii style dress, but rather the one Homer Simpson wore in that episode in which he got really fat.

I think this would look better on me in a fabric with more drape. At the same time, because I made it, I want to give it a chance. It is very comfy, and it will probably come handy come summer. However, this make was not the success I imagined.

striped tunic

I’d like to try and make this a bit smaller, but I am afraid it won’t look the way I envision it either.

Well, I’ll keep you posted.

harper inspired tunic

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