A “leftover” spring bag

You know this days when you’re doing the most boring things and an idea just pops? I don’t know about you, but I get so excited that I start cutting and sewing convinced that I have it all and that it will go tremendously simple from there on. The cruel reality is that many times I realize I should have paid more attention to spatial¬†geometry¬†in school because the mistakes I make are just shameful.

The same happened to the ancestor of this bag, which was supposed to be a pleated bag. And inside the pleats it should have had a contrasting fabric. Well, I drafted the fabric and cut and guess what: the contrasting fabric inside the pleats was merely visible and it looked funny too. (That bad kind of funny.)

This is the “leftover bag”, or on a more positive tone, what evolved from that pattern. It’s a simple pattern and I like the shape. But I am still obsessed with my first idea :).

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