A note on fabric scraps, fat quarters and organizing

fabric on the floor

I was organizing my fabric stash in the weekend and I realized not only that it’s getting bigger and bigger, but that the fat quarters and the other smaller fabric scraps are um… excuse me… not getting any.

This happens of course because I don’t have a whole wardrobe for organizing fabric and having it nicely displayed on shelves or carefully tucked into boxes doesn’t work for me. I like to make a huge mess, have everything around and let myself be inspired by the fabric – not over-label, over-organize and archive stuff and then wonder why I never use my stash of fabric.

Fabric needs to breathe. And so do I.

So out with the old and in with the new. (Yes, yes, I am sort of spring cleaning – it feels nice!)

Anyway, I back to my fabric scraps – I completely forgot about them lately and it’s been a while since I last used these scraps. I’m not really into quilting – even though I’ve seen amazing work out there – and patchwork pillowcases don’t motivate me anymore.

But I can’t continue like this or they’ll take over my house. I’ve decided to – at least try – to rescue some of these scraps and to giveaway others. I will also not buy any new fabric until I’ve used or gave away at least 20% of the actual fabric/scraps/refashion piles.

Wish me luck, I know I’ll need it. (If you have any suggestion or ideas, I’m all ears!)