A simple green blouse

green simple blouse

This blouse was in my “to be finished soon” basket for almost two seasons. I spent a lot of time learning a new way to sew really clean margins and in the end I wasn’t very happy with the results. I mean, I could have done that in a third of a time, but hey, practice makes perfect and learning new sewing techniques is a success in itself.

green simple blouse back

I do like the collar – you can’t really see it in the picture, but it looks a bit “couture”. And with better ironing it will look even better. So that’s cool.

I’m not very happy with the pattern either – it’s Burda and can’t remember which – in the pattern photo it looked like a clean cut, simple, armless blouse. In reality is a shapeless armless piece of green fabric.

Maybe I’m being to hard on it and you get the feeling I don’t like it. No, no – it looks great belted with the yellow sash I made the other day. And with a pencil skirt. And I did get to use two tiny sukie iron-ons from my book near the back closure. (Yaay!) It’s just now what I expected 🙂

I like the fabric – it’s a light cotton batiste – and the shade of green – sort of the green you’d get if you’d mix grass with emerald.

I have mixed feelings about the fit – it’s a bit shapeless too loose for my taste, but that might be a blessing in summer.

What do you think?

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  1. Hello found your blog and i love the Burda grey dress ya made looks confortable maybe my daughters would like one . hopeing i can find the pattern thanks oh blog is great and your ideas too renee

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