A trend that I rather like: Jeweled Gloves

I saw this is becoming a trend now: wearing your jewels on your gloves. I rather fancy this ’cause I don’t like rings and I often prefer just not to wear any bracelets. And I like the shape! I would try it with embroidery also.


Photos from my copy of April Spanish Vogue

5 thoughts on “A trend that I rather like: Jeweled Gloves”

  1. Oh, I love gloves and these look very nice. Speaking of trends in gloves, did you see the ones made of lace? are definitely making a come back now…i found them in H&M but also in vintage stores.

  2. Oh, my! I want to make gloves like these! But where to find the jewels..?

    Your blog is very sweet, by the way – I wish I had your creativity when it comes to sewing! My DIY-project always end up half-finished and shoved deep into my this-stuff-does-not-exist-drawer.

    1. Hi. Thank you for your nice words: >
      About the gloves and the jewels, I bet you can find them in stores that sell sewing supplies, buttons, fabric. They are either made of plastic or glass and they have little wholes so you can sew them on whatever you’d like (but I don’t recommend the glass if you’re going to sew on a lot of jewels – it’s gonna be a bit heavy:)
      Hope to see you around more!

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