A year of colourful outliers

When I make garments for myself, I always choose fabric in a limited palette of colours, mostly blues and greens, some black and white. This year has been a year of many firsts, and the area of my life that’s dedicated to sewing and knitting has not been any different.

At the beginning of the year, I knit myself a red cotton t-shirt. I sent a photo to my mom, who promptly responded: “You, in red? I don’t know you”.

knitted red t-shirt

Then, I saw a lavender purple Holstgarn Tides, which I wanted to try for a long time, to see how it would knit up, and I felt I needed to knit with this colour, which is one of my mom’s favourite colours. I started making her a shawl, realized I had bought too little yarn, and, after one more yarn purchase, proceeded into completing a shawl in many shades of purple.

With the beginning of spring, for the first time in my life, I bought and made myself a yellow garment. It’s a lounge top in double gauze, a top inspired by the Harper Tunic, from Elizabeth Suzanne. This is the first time I have ever owned a yellow garment.

That’s not all, this year, I started obsessing about knitting a yellow garment as well, so I bought myself a cone of Holstgarn Coast in Cantaloupe. I made a short sleeve crochet cardigan, and now I am figuring out how to knit a round yoke, using instructions from Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitting without tears.

Summer came, and I found myself dying a second hand white linen bedsheet and making a red linen dress.

In summer, I also made a top in Nani-Iro gauze in purples and pinks. I had seen this fabric months ago and loved it, and I resisted buying it, being afraid that I won’t wear these colours. A few weeks ago, I saw a remnant of the last of this fabric and decided to get it.

Not, autumn is coming, and I’ve started feeling the itch to knit something in brown and natural shades. What is going on?

What is your relationship with colour in your making? Do you have a favourite colour? Do you wear the colours you choose for making? Do you also have temporarily colour crushes, like me?

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