An Oversized Reversed Tuxedo Vest

Oversized Reversed Tuxedo Vest

I loved making this vest from the latest Burda easy. It took me only half a day from cutting the pattern to choosing the fabric to the final piece. The instructions were good, but a bit misleading and it is actually much much easier to sew than it sounds.

Actually, I’m pretty sure I can make the second one faster.

Oversized Reversed Tuxedo Vest making of

It was pretty straightforward, I cut the back pieces, the two sides and the lining of the front pieces from bleu-marine jersey knit and the front-pieces from deep blue cotton printed with white seagulls (love this fabric!).

Oversized Reversed Tuxedo Vest

Then it was a bit like a puzzle, but once you get where the things go – it’s just sewing, turning and ironing.

I didn’t use interface for this project because I don’t like how interface behaves when washed. Or maybe I’m just using the wrong one?

I’m happy with the pattern (Burda easy has individual patterns on freezer-paper like sheets so if you only need the pattern in your size, you can cut it right away and use it. That saves some time.

If you’re careful with the lining you can even make it reversible and I think that’s a lot of fun!

Oversized Reversed Tuxedo Vest reversible

The only thing I would change – and I will actually give it a try is to make the shoulders a bit less wide. And the font pieces slimmer.

Oversized Reversed Tuxedo Vest side

What do you think? What else would you change? Tips, suggestions, opinions? 🙂

6 thoughts on “An Oversized Reversed Tuxedo Vest”

  1. I recently cut my first pattern, haven’t sewn it yet. I didn’t realize it was really so much work, and before it, I would’ve thought that “half a day” is a very long time 🙂 anyway, the vest looks good and I love the bird pattern – so trendy!

    1. I know, I still think “come on” when I read something like: “it only took me a weekend to sew”, but I feel it’s worth it.

  2. Hey, great job! I absolutely love the bird-fabric. Where dig you get it? I just found your blog and I like it very much, I’ll definetely start to follow it!

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