August in sewing and making

August was a little quiet here on the blog, which means it was a bit crazy outside this blog.

There was some travel and there were a few days of reading on the beach, swimming and eating fresh fish.

beach scene

There were some weddings (3) and lots of beautiful people to meet and see again. I wore my Adelaide dress and other summery garments I had made the years before, which made me feel secretly proud I can sew for myself.
There was a lot of running around and too much work for an August, but I’m greatful everything turned out ok.

sky scrapers
In sewing and making I didn’t advance too much. I crocheted a toy bunny (that I forgot to take a photo of before he found his new home!) and I started a new knitting project (again working without a pattern and trying to make it as I go).

What about you? How was your August? Are you going back to school this September? I am (yikes) after many years 😀

4 thoughts on “August in sewing and making”

  1. Ms. Lizzy J

    My August was extremely hectic as well. (Actually, my whole summer was!)

    I work at our local community college, and our classes start mid-August, so that made things even more hectic! Good luck going back to class, I am sure you will do well. What are you taking?

      1. Ms. Lizzy J

        I work in the Online Learning Office. I oversee the Student Help Desk and supervise 2 Help Desk workers. I and my office-mate also assist faculty with the building and care of their online, hybrid and tech-enhanced courses.

        So I guess you could say I teach faculty and students how to use the online learning management system. 🙂

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