Banana and Raspberry Smoothie Recipe

What you need (to do):

freeze 4 bananas
and a handful of raspberries
get 4 spoons of dehydrated milk
and a teacup of skimmed milk
and 4 big ice cubes
no sugar 🙂

Cut the bananas in pieces – it’s better if you do this before you freeze them.
Add the raspberries, the ice, the milk and blend for a couple of minutes.


Tip: How to make a smoothie without a blender

Smoothies are quick, delicious and healthy snacks. They are so easy to do, you won’t believe it. Yeah, if you have a blender.
If you don’t, prepare to dress your kitchen up in smoothie shades.

You can still make a smoothie with a hand mixer if you crush the ice before and you let the fruit unfreeze for a half an hour. Then mix everything and eat with a spoon or drink with a fat straw.

No sugar! :>

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