Best of July in sewing and making

Summer’s almost over, just a month left. How did this happen?

I know I should complain about the heat and humidity and the bugs and everything that’s not completely cool about summer. But I enjoy those too. Time seemed to fly so that’s why I started documenting my crafty/creative/fun time here. Even if I don’t post a full blog post about each of those cool moments, I get to capture them and maybe feel happy about them in the future. Ideally also see progress in learning new things!

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I made a crochet top

I explored more crochet work this month and used a new scallop stitch I learned from this blog post from The Inspired Wren to make a new top. I’ll post a photo of the finished photo, but it’s basically a crop top I self-drafted incorrectly and saved through a crochet bottom half of the top.

crochet scallop point

I took 10 minutes to photograph lemons in my water jar

But I did more than that, I took the time to enjoy the colours and the taste of the lemon water.

lime water

I dyed some fabric with blueberries

This was super fun! I tried a sort of chaotic shibori tie dye technique and submerged the fabric into a soup of hot blueberries. It turned out really great and even though there is a bit of discoloration, the fabric napkins I made like this are still pretty after their third wash! I didn’t use any fancy chemicals, just a bit of vinegar to set the colour. I’ll do a separate post on this as well!

shibori napkins

I found this pretty fabric

You know when you buy a fabric so pretty you have a million ideas of what you could do with it and can’t decide? I’m procrastinating until this fabric starts feeling a bit less exciting – I’m almost down to two ideas.  Did you ever experience this fabric… what to call it… anxious excitiment? 🙂

pretty alladin fabric

Played a bit more with watercolours

Not too much, maybe less than last month, but I still managed to paint some new things. I also have a new column for the blog I’ll introduce soon. Hint: it mixes watercoulurs and pattern making. Can you guess what it is?

knitted basket illustration watercolor

The mixed media basket above is an idea I saw on Pinterest. Someone took a basic basket and knitted the top part to use as a yarn holder. It looks beautiful and I love the idea of using mixed materials. I’d like to do this, but I haven’t found the perfect one yet.

And that’s about it. I did post about my Adelaide dress here so I won’t mention that again now. What was new or fun for you in July? If you’ve written about this, please leave the link below!

3 thoughts on “Best of July in sewing and making”

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  2. Love this series!
    And how cool that you tried handdyeing! Ever since that seamwork article I’m dreaming of experiments with natural dyes. Looking forward to the tutorial!
    Love the crochet top and the fabric. It’s sooo hard to decide on a pattern for some precious beautiful fabric. Sometimes I’m already halfway through a project, thinking “Damn, I should’ve picked that other pattern.” But usually it turns out really lovely and that anxious excitement pushes me to sew with extra attention and not cut any corners 😀

    1. Hey, thank you so much!
      I was inspired by seamwork to try it, but I didn’t want to invest in too many new substances, so I just tried it with napkins. I’ll post about it soon!
      Oh, that anxious excitement normally pushes me to rush it and ruin it. I must learn to be more Zen 🙂

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