Converse Makeover How To

This posts explains how to go from this:


To this:


Hope you like!

Today I decided I should give me old tennis shoes a second life:) This is what I did with them and the tutorial.

This is very in tune with Mending Month and all this approach of mending and repurposing and refashioning that I like. I have used only scraps and recyled paper for this project.

Hope you like it, tell me if there are unclear parts and do show me your stuff if you make some:)


1. This is what I started with. Feel free to use nicer or newer ones:)


2. If you want a new shape cut. If you want mine cut at the fourth hole.


3.Cut across towards the heel and give it a nice shape. Play.


4. Round the corners.


5. Size the tongue.


6. I made a paper pattern to make both my tongues the same size and shape. This will be helpfull when you will cut the fabric as well.


7. Like now. Cut 4 pieces of this. Leave seam allowance.


8. Look at your shoe and create a pattern for the sides. Be an artist 🙂

You can also see here the previous paint I had them wear:)


9. Trace and cut. Remember to use the fold of the fabric for the heel.


10. Test. This is what you should have by now.


11. I wanted cool insoles so I traced these too.


12. And also wanted to have nice inside fabric so I cut another four pieces just like the sides, minus the part where the lace holes start. 


13. Sew the tongue hoodies, right side on right side.


14. Then sew the out/sides and the in/sides toghether, right face on right face.


15. Turn and press and you should have somehtign like this.


16. It could help you later if you press the margins now.


17. Like this. Turn and press the tongues too.


18. Then dress your original tongues up. 


19. Dress your shoe with the sides too.


20. Put the margins on the inside and handsew it down. 


21. Pin it up so you don’t mess it up 🙂 Put some music and start singing along, it will take a while 🙂


22. You should get somehting like this.


23. The same for the tongue. You can put an extra stitch in the middle, it won’t show, you will have laces there.


24. And that’s it!


25. Now enjoy!



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  1. Amazing! Just been looking for diy ideas as totally broke yet need new wardrobe, found Oxfam DIY fashion competition as well so have more incentive to get customising – sure your converse would win!

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