Designing a simple wardrobe

One of the things that’s on my mind lately is how do I reduce the number of garments I own to the smallest number of clothes I need to enjoy all the seasons and activities I participate it.

Reducing the amount of clothes you own is not a big deal in itself. But what do you do when you hobby is making clothes? I already own much less than I did two years ago.

So the questions I will need to answer in this quest are:

  1. What do I do with the garments I make and realise they don’t actually fit me or my lifestyle as I thought they would? How do I give them a new life without creating more trash and maybe, even maybe having someone else enjoy my careful, loving sewing 🙂
  2. What is the smallest possible number of garments I need in a season/year/ever.
  3. What are the essential and favourite garments that I would love to be able to keep/wear for a long time?

That last question has a special purpose. Last year I’ve experimented with more pattern drafting and It’s a good feeling to see that some things are starting to look like they should. Like this peplum top.  I would like to make myself a set of patterns for basic garments that I love, so I can, in time, replace the non-ideal garments I already own and replicate them in the future if I need to.

The great advantage to this way of doing things this way is that I could reduce the number of overall items I own, but still have the possibility to make them again, in the future, as I need them. Instad of having two favourite dresses, let’s say, I would only need one and my blueprint for making another one, when the one I have can’t be worn anymore. Of course, finding the same fabric wouldn’t be a guarantee, but that’s ok with me.

What about you? Would you consider owning just a few garments and the “data” you need to make more as you need them? Or do you need to have the actual garments remind you of their stories?

Also, what do you think is that smallest number of garments you really need?