Doing Bad Things With Pleats

I had some purple-blue wool left from my Halloween Psylocke costume (or better said what should have been a cape for my Psylocke costume) and I wanted a new bag, so I’ve played and done bad things with pleats 🙂
Just cut cut, sew, and do not think too much about it.
First decide where you want to try the pleats. Be bold.
Decide where you want your pleats first

Cut and sew
then cut and sew it back
And that’s what you get for being bad 😛
The finished purse
and ta-da! the finished purse
A delicious polka-dots lining and a lot of pockets
and on the inside: polka-dots lining and pockets... lots!

4 thoughts on “Doing Bad Things With Pleats”

  1. i’ve noticed that they are really trendy this season 🙂 i like u when u are bad!! nice!

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