Easter Egg Stands From My Sister

My sister makes the most amazing things from clay. This Easter she send me these: a set of Easter Egg-stands made of elastic fimo. (Even when fully baked this polymer clay stays elastic and soft.)

I will show you these with Easter painted eggs modeling them later 🙂

easter eggstands

They have the tiniest of details, like this white chubby hen with her baby chick.

easter egg stand chicken

Or this orange and yellow tour with little blue-purple beads.

easter egg stand orange yellow

Or this m&m donut thing :>

easter egg stand orange bun

Aren’t’ they really cute?

easter egg stand chicken bunny

Hope you’re having a nice Easter mini-holiday!

4 thoughts on “Easter Egg Stands From My Sister”

    1. Isn’t it? I really like them and the stuff she makes. She doesn’t have a blog yet, she “doesn’t have the time”.

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