Confessions of a fabricaholic

I don’t know if this happens to you, but I never have enough fabric. For some reason, I always have the feeling that I should go and buy more, heaven forbid I would start sewing one day and realize there is no fabric to work with. What a sad day that would be.

Don’t you just love the magic that lays inside the fabric, just after you bought dicovered it and while you don’t know yet what is it to become?

I am curious to see what I am going to make from these in the end. For now, they were bought for:

  • black and white fabric with jungle leaves print: tote bag with added embroidery
  • pink tones striped fabric: jumper dress (pinafore)
  • blue tones striped fabric: t-shirt dress
  • black and white rooster fabric: pillow and bag
  • messy doodles fabric: bag – maybe
  • party themed oilcloth: desk cover and pencil pouches
  • green tones striped fabric: bag

But I am sure this will change:)

Does it ever happen to you that you buy a fabric for something in particular that you never get to sew? Do you always buy fabric with the project in mind? Or is it vice-versa?

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