Giveaway Day May 23rd!

What a great idea the Sew, Mama, Sew! people had! One full day for giveaways! Natually, I am participating too πŸ˜€

I am giving away the following:

One cotton carrot pouch, fully lined and ready to hide and keep your pencils, makeup or credit cards etc.handmade carrot pouch giveaway

And one handbag in a baroque floral print in tones of red, orange and burgundy. It’s lined in cotton, closes with a zipper and has an adjustable strap.

handmade handbag giveaway

I will ship internationally, at no cost for you, of course.

So if you want these right at your door, all you need to do is leave a comment below and tell me what you’d put in the carrot pouch or what you’d wear with the bag in the photo.

I will pick the winner May 25th, at 12 CET. Good luck! : )

48 thoughts on “Giveaway Day May 23rd!”

  1. I would probably keep my pens in the carrot pouch, so they don’t always get lost in the bottom of my purse!

    But I absolutely LOVE the tapestry bag! What would I wear it with? EVERYTHING! I would carry it EVERY day! That’s how much I love it! πŸ™‚

  2. AAAWWWWW!!!! *sparkles*

    I fell in love with the carrot pouch!!! πŸ˜€

    Hm… I would carry some cookies, or candies… whatever sweet!

    And the handbag is awesome too!!! I like so much the fabric, it’s lovely πŸ™‚ probably I would dress a black outfit to get a contrast! πŸ™‚

    Oh god, my english is too bad… right? sorry!

      1. No me habΓ­a dado cuenta de que eras de Barcelona! :___) bien!

        Muchas gracias! ^^ no conocΓ­a tus bolsos ni tu blog, me lo acaban de pasar y estoy super emocionada, voy a aΓ±adirte a etsy ya!

  3. Kristi F.oy

    I’m pretty sure my 17 mo old could find all kinds of things to put in that pouch – rocks, snacks, toys, more rocks….

    mindfulhome at gmail dot com

  4. Shaorn Scott

    The carrot would go to my daughter for her to keep all her school pencils in. The purse would be mine and I’d wear it with EVERYTHING.

  5. Thank you for such a generous giveaway!! I would fill my carrot with my school supplies (i’m taking a french class) and I would use the purse…like a purse and probably fill it too full with a zillion things that I’ll never be able to find

  6. I’d have to wrestle my son for the carrot pouch as no doubt he would want it to keep his pocket money in.

    With the bag I would wear very simple plan clothes as the bag is so lovely it would make the whole outfit.


  7. I love that purse. It’s beautiful! I’d wear everything with it!

    The carrot pouch, I’d use to put my sons medicine and lotions in so they stop getting lost in the diaper bag!

  8. the sewing dork

    I dunno what I’d carry in the carrot, but I’d definately carry it. It’s too fun! Love the bag also – obviously I’d carry my chapstick plus six thousand diapers and kids toys, just like we mothers tend to do. Thanks for the chance.

  9. I would probably use the pouch as a travel kit for make up and such, and as for the bag, I think it would be a great one to wear all year round πŸ™‚

  10. crayons in the carrot purse. and I’d wear some neutral browns, blacks, and kackis with that fabulous purse. You are so lucky to live in Barcelona. Its my all time favorite place!Great giveaway! I’d be delighted to win!


  11. The carrot pouch would be adopted by my smaller daughter. She’d use it for Barbie items, at a guess. Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. I’d put my change in the carrot bag. I’ve been looking for something cute for that! Thanks for giving the chance to win! πŸ™‚

  13. I LOVE both bags!!! I would use the carrot to keep a stash of candies or other dry snacks for my kids — great for shopping trips when they are getting antsy in the cart or stroller!
    The material on the purse is simply beautiful…

  14. I adore the carrot pouch, it is fantastic! If it were mine I would keep little treasures in it for my kids and keep it in my purse for when we are out and about. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the chance to win!
    okiedokiemama at yahoo dot com

  15. Nicole Watson

    i’d put my favorite pens that i grade with in the pouch (english teacher!)
    and i’d use that awesome bag with a great red shirt, or blue jeans

    so unique, love the colors
    thanks for the giveaway!
    email in profile
    nicmowat (at) gmail (dot) com

  16. LOL the carrot pouch is sooooo cute and creative! I think I’m going to stick lots of candies inside it and surprise my daughter. She prefers carrots to candies anyway, rare kid, huh? It’s too too cute.

    And I’m crazy about the dress in your previous post, where did you get it?

  17. I’d use the carrot pouch to take to uni, for holding pens, calculator etc πŸ™‚ The bag I’d wear with a long boho skirt and a plain coloured singlet, maybe with a cute cardigan if it’s a bit cool (it is Autumn here after all!)

    kate1485 at

  18. The carrot would be great for pens, pencils, knitting needles (sock needles anyway), etc. The bag? Well, it does go with everything, but I have a great pair of brown tweed heels that would look great with the bag, and that might cause me to have to do a little shopping for a new fabulous outfit. All good, thank you for the giveaway.

  19. carrot pouch—fantastically fun! i’d be putting pencils and pens in there, for sure. or maybe sweet treats and snacks for my son when we go out to the park…
    bag- i’d proudly sport that with almost anything!

  20. Well, that carrot is sure cute. I’ll bet the kids will keep their all their treasures in it. But that bag? I will keep my treasures in it and wear if over my shoulder proudly. I think I could wear anything with that pretty bag.

  21. My almost 3 year old would probably try to keep the carrot purse but only if I let her πŸ˜‰ But if she let me keep it, I’d keep it in my purse and store pens, lip gloss, hair ties, and my little notebook.With the bag I’d probably wear a khaki skirt, white lace tank and denim jacket. It’s lovely! Thanks so much!

  22. Oh cute! That carrot pouch would be perfect for my girls to keep all of their colouring pencils and markers. As for the bag, I would team that with a casual outfit (jeans, a top and some nice jewellery) and use it on days I take my kids to the park to play while I sit and read. πŸ™‚

  23. I would put peas in my carrot pouch cause they just naturally go together! I would wear clothes with the purse, I find I get too many weird stares otherwise!

  24. I’d put my bus pass in the carrot purse – I’m always losing it.

    In the bag I’d put my two bus novels (one serious, one light) and all the other things that I “need” to take to work every day it seems :).

  25. I would use the carrot pouch for diaper bag things, we are going to be having a baby in January and I am sure we will need extra pouch here and there. πŸ™‚

    I love the purse! I need a new purse and that one would be great! I just got a new job so I would wear it to work and church and out and about! Thanks so much!

  26. I’d use the Carrot Pouch for crayons and I’d love to match the bag with my tan dress and white sandals.

  27. carrot pouch would hold crayons… to keep them from getting all over the inside of my purses, and getting all ground into my keys and what have you…. you know i’m not the only one this happens to…. that purse is begging to be worn with a burgundy skirt. πŸ˜‰

  28. My daughter start preschool this year and she would be so proud to carry her pencils and erasers and sharpner. thanks for a chance to win!

  29. The Carrot Pouch is adorable. I have a pet rabbit, so I’m all in love with rabbit related paraphernalia. I already own a carrot pendant necklace. I’d look so cute sporting this.

  30. That bag would look great with most of my outfits as I almost always wear fall colors. They are my favorite. Now the carrot bag on the other hand would come in handy for small craft supplies for take along projects.

  31. That carrot pouch would be perfect for buttons and threads and the bag would look hot with a black tee and jeans!! Yum…

    xo Steph

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