How to Draft a Simple Skirt Pattern

Want to sew a quick skirt for yourself and don’t have a pattern for it? Make it.

how to make a skirt pattern for yourself

I’ve made this quick illustration to explain what measures to take and how to draft a simple pattern for yourself (or someone you can measure:). This is a very basic, easy to sew skirt and perfect for a beginner project or for that Saturday afternoon before you go out :>

You will need:

  • fabric (I suggest cotton for starters)
  • a zipper
  • a button (optional)
  • paper
  • a ruler and a pen
  • white chalk or a piece of soap (to trace the pattern on the fabric)
  • 2 hours to spare.
Happy sewing!
Is it too complicated? Does it makes sense? Let me know if I can improve this/ if you have an idea of how this can be improved.

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