How to Hack Your Jeans – and Live to Tell Another Day

Let’s just say that you have more than one pair of jeans that are almost identical. Yes, I understand the waist is 2 cm higher on one pair and the third is perfectly curved on your legs, but maybe, just maybe one day you’ll be in the mood to cut them. Hack them. Have fun with them:)

Turn this:

Into this:

Here I used a pair of skinny cut dark jeans and comic black and white fabric. I added a new pocket and comic strips on the sides. If you always need to wear a belt and you’d like to get rid of it, you’ll se how you can tighten the waist of your jeans. And the last part of this tutorial shows you how to sew a new hem for your new custom made have-fun pants.

1. First, you’ll need to unseam the outside seams of your jeans. You can do that with a seam ripper or with a cutter.

2. Then get rid of the threads. Make a mess! 🙂

3. Iron the seams. Use steam. A lot!

4. Then cut strips of your fabric. I used a pair that fit me, but you can use this technique if you buy slim fit pants that are just a tad to slim (aka you can bend your knees and you consider it important to). Here my strips were 10 cm wide.

5. If you want to change a pocket of your jeans with a new one you have two options: either cover the old pocket with the new fabric or make a completely new one (if you trust your fabric – mine was not thick enough and I preferred to cover it.)

Anyway, first you should carefully unseam the pocket, iron it flat, copy the pattern on your new fabric.

6.  Sew you new pocket on.

7. Pin the fabric strips on your jeans. The right side of the comic fabric is kissing the right side of your jeans.

8. After you sew them on, press flat and topstitch. Press, steam.

9. Now pin the other seam of your jeans to the fabric strip (same way – right sides facing). Sew.

10. Turn on the right side. (And there you go, almost there: )

11. If you want to tighten the waist like I did, you will want to unseam the belt. Be patient here.

12. What I did was just to cut the belt and sew it back on – making it shorter: > I also added two small darts in the back, but you can’t see it in the pic here.

13.  Pin the belt back on. Sew.

14. For the hem of your pants, first try them on and mark where you’d want them to end. Now fold the fabric once. Press flat.

15. Now fold it again. Press. Your mark should be right there, where the hem ends.

16. Sew it.

17. And that was it!

Easy, huh? (How many needles do you think I broke? 😉

If you decide to hack your jeans drop me a comment and a link to see it: )
Feel free to write back if you need more details!