How to improve your blog writing and SEO techniques

Hi, Today the how to is going to be about another type of craft: SEO (search engine optimisation, that is:)

Long story short, the way people find you and your blog and SEO are related to marketing. The three basic way to thus market your blog is:

  1. through direct traffic (drop your url here and there ane make people remember it:)
  2. through reffering sites, and links
  3. through search engines (Google, Yahoo! etc)
A good way to start thinking SEO is start observing Google analytics.
A lot of people, almost half of the interwebnauts just click on the first page of the website and walk away. That;s fine and normal.
A good way to see how does a search engine sees you is to type site:your url
For example, google sees me like this:
I type site: and google finds some of my latest posts and a total of 80 pages.
You will see that in my case, Yahoo only reports 5 pages, not strangely the most popular pages for my blog.

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