How to make a 5 minutes envelope pillowcase

Back in the lazy days I promised I will write a short tutorial on how to make this 5 minutes envelope pillowcase. And here it is!

(There’s another reason I like this pattern- apart from being Speedy Gonzales fast to sew- and that’s because you don’t need to spend minutes and minutes trying to find the best matching zipper or the perfect buttons. It’s a self-seal fabric envelope!)

This is how you do it:

1. Let’s say your pillow is a 30 cm/12 inches square. Add 5 cm/2 inches to that base (your pillow is 3d after-all 🙂 and then cut a rectangle that’s two times and a half long and one time wide.

That would be a 87.5 per 35 cm rectangle (35 per 14 inches).

2. Sew a hem on both short ends of the rectangle.

3. Then fold the fabric from the outside to the centre, like you were wrapping a book, slipping one short end under the other. You should have at least a 10 cm/ 4 inches overlap for this pillowcase to work as intended.

4. Sew the long ends like in the photo. Turn outside out. And you’re done.

Now go make one or two 🙂

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