How to make a Psylocke costume for Halloween (I)


Who is Psylocke? Only the awesomest mutant ever to be an X-men…

Psylocke originally possessed the power of telepathy, she could read and project thoughts over long distances;[99] control minds; subdue and tap into other’s powers; affect people’s memories;[100] project mental illusions;[101] project psychic waves (psywaves); and generate psi-bolts that could stun,[102] injure,[103] or kill others.[104] She could also project her astral self, and the astral bodies of other people, into the astral plane.[105] She could scan entire towns with her mind,[106] and leaf through the psyches of the inhabitants of a city to learn of their condition[107] or intentions.[108] She could also probe individuals to check up on their status.[109]

So I am going to try and make that costume. Any raised eyebrows?


So you (and I) will need:

  • blue lycra for the gloves and top
  • purple felt for the belt
  • some blue thread for the X on the belt
  • a sword
  • (blue) boots or extra lycra for boot toppers (she doesn’t wear heels so I don’t have to look like a stripper:)
  • red paint for the lightning scar
  • and black leggings (The leotard is cool and all but not for this decade and not for me:)
  • I think I will make a cape as well so add a meter or so of purple felt/wool

to be continued:)

4 thoughts on “How to make a Psylocke costume for Halloween (I)”

  1. Juanc_montiel

    Psylocke is a very interesting character. When I started collecting X-Men comics, that’s when there was a story line where there was a love triangle between Cyclops, Jean Grey and Psylocke. That was in the early ’90’s, and that was when the writers sort of made her a little slutty. After reading some back issues, she wasn’t like that in the ’80’s. I liked her ’90’s costume better, though.

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