How to Make an Easy Peasy Pair of Shorts

I made this super fast and easy pair of house pants the other day when I realized I had this cool fabric I was going to make a dress out of (some day), a fabric that I might get used to seeing on a weekly basis:)


Ok, let’s get over the long talk and explain how I did it.


  1. Take a pair of pants you fit comfortably into. Turn them inside out.
  2. Lay them on a flat surface and fold them outer seam on outer seam, so you will get the shape of the crotch. Should look something like this: |>.
  3. Take your fabric, preferably cotton or something comfortable to the skin, fold it in two and then in two again.
  4. Lay the folded pants on top and trace that |>shape. Cut 3-4 cm along the line. Even more if you want them loose.
  5. Then sew the outside of the pants (the |shape), then the inside of the legs. Sew the crotch last.
  6. Bend the waist margin inwards and sew. Thread elastic through there afterwards.
  7. Bend the leg openings inwards and sew that too.
  8. If you have some fabric left, sew a tube, turn inside out. Sew the middle of it on one side of the pants and tie a bow:)

The End.