How to make your own fabric sash!

I saw this fabric sash from American Apparel the other day. And I fell in love (with all the pretty girls wearing it 🙂
The sash is €16, but let’s face it, if you have a bit of fabric and 20 minutes you can make your own. A much, much prettier fabric sash. Your style, only for you. Etc etc.

Here’s mine:

fabric sash

It’s yellow with little burgundy, green and blue flower-like creatures. It’s over 2 meters long and around 20 cm wide.

And here are some ideas to wear it! (photos from the AA site)





You’ll need:

2, 20 m/ 20 cm fabric – i suggest starting with something light, batiste, soft cotton, polyesters.
a sewing machine or some needles
an iron
happy music and/or coffee

If you’re making one, send me a link, I’d love to see it! If you have any questions and/or suggestions do share: )

5 thoughts on “How to make your own fabric sash!”

  1. I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE for just basic instructions like you’ve provided – THANK YOU!

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