How to mend a hole in a sweater

If you’re a bit like me – fully capable of ruining sweaters the first day you’re wearing them – knowing how to fix a whole in your favorite cable knit might come handy. Needle darning is really easy and there is no need to prematurely say goodbye to your sweaters.

So here’s the how to:

1. Turn your sweater inside out. Breathe in. You can do it.

2. Your sweater is like a fishing net – every knitted eye is connected with the others, when one or more are cut, the net frayes. Which means that the first thing you should do is find those broken loops and make sure they will not escape your mending. In my case, there is only one lost loop, so I make a knot (it’s important to use a color as similar as possible to the color of your sweater) and I take this lost loop on my needle.

3. After re-creating the lost row in the knitted piece, start reinforcing the loops around the whole. Pretend you are re-weaving your net and be careful not to create too much tension in the thread.

4. Keep checking the mending on the right side of the sweater. When you’re happy with what you’ve accomplished steam and wash. And wear. And go reward yourself with a few spoons of ice-cream in which you’ve crushed a chocolate biscuit : )

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