How to: Sew a Red Bandana

Oh, the magic of the red bandana. You can sink ships, remain anonymous for the authorities or survive in the desert. You can wear it around your neck, twisted and folded around your hand or on your head. A bandana can help you transform in a Little Red Riding Hood or a Rosie the Riveter in less than one minute.

Do you really need more reasons to sew a red bandana? What if I tell you it’s a 10 minutes project?

All you need to do is cut a square of red fabric. I cut mine with a side or 40cm/16 inches, but feel free to make it as small (if you’re making it for a kid) or as big as you want. Choose a thin cotton fabric, like bandana cotton or batiste.

After cutting, set you sewing machine stitch on zigzag and set the stitch size to 1.5. Start zigzagging close to the edge and go like this without cutting the tread on the four sides of the square. Cut the thread and tie them in a little knot. Cut the heads of the thread in the knot.

Can you believe it? You’re done. Enjoy your new red bandana.

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