How to sew doll (Barbie) clothes

I will have a new niece in a month so I’d gotta get prepared:) Oh, the joy!

I am starting to research doll clothes making and I found some interesting tips. I am only doing this because my first attempt was rather not so happy. I think I made better Barbie clothes when I was ten so I got a little mad.

But, I found out that it’s not the same  when sewing for small dolls and here is a list:

  1. Don’t twist the hem 2 times, just ones, just clip the edges or burn the edges if the fabric allows it. (remember to wash afterwards)
  2. Choose the tinyest stiches you can and take into consideration hand sewing.
  3. Use small buttons or snaps. I noticed it is rather hard to sew tiny velcro bits, but not impossible.
  4. Choose thin and small pattern fabrics.
  5. Have fun:>

This are some nice clothes people made. Click on the pic to get to the auhor: )



In the end, this is what I wish to make for my niece 🙂


source 3

Let’s see if I still have the skill: )

6 thoughts on “How to sew doll (Barbie) clothes”

  1. 20mirabelle

    What a collection of clothes! I sew barbie clothes for my little ones. They love the princess dress I recently made. One website I love to refer to is They have great pictures and explain step by step how to sew beautiful outfits. Thanks!

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