How to stain fabric with coffee

Sometimes when I buy fabric i get so enthusiastic that I buy more than I need. Then I have to many gorgeus things of the same fabric. One idea is to try and change the hue. On Today’s menu: a tutorial on how to change the colour of your fabric with coffee.

Its really as simple as 1, 2, 3. Watch:

1. First you make a pot of coffee, strong enought to kill a horse.













2. Then you put it while hot in a pot or a big bowl and put your fabric in it. Let it soak for a couple of hours.













3. Then put it in cold water, rinse and repeat.













4. Put it outside to dry. And then enjoy!













Tip: You could try boiling the fabric in the pot for a stronger coffee tint. 


7 thoughts on “How to stain fabric with coffee”

  1. what about staining newspaper with coffee how will i go about doin that? could i follow just steps 1 & 2??

  2. hi there – does the coffee smell ever go away or does it reappear if the fabric gets wet? can the fabric be washed without losing the stained effect?

    1. The first time you wash it it smells a bit like coffee, but the second time you wash it that’s gone.

      (Thanks for dropping by!)

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