How to turn anything into a brooch

polymer clay green brooch with sea glass

This is me playing with polymer clay again. It was fun making this brooch. I mixed blue and green to get this dark shade of green and before baking it in the oven I pushed some pieces of sea glass I found on the beach last summer.

I was happy I didn’t burn it. I am having some trouble finding the perfect moment to take the things out of the oven lately 😀

how to make a brooch from polymer clay
The method with the brooch pin

So to make a brooch out of anything (almost:), you just need superglue and a brooch pin or a piece of felt and a safety pin. Since safety pins are most likely to be lying around the house at odd hours when you’re baking plastic – I prefer the technique.

Which is basically: cut a circle of felt and cut two opening inside this circle, then insert the safety pin (as pictured below).

how to make a polymer clay brooch

Then dab a bit of superglue on the back of your brooch. (Don’t exaggerate or you will stick your fingers to it!)

how to make a polymer clay brooch

Stick the felt on it and press for some 30 seconds. Ta-da: a brooch!

how to make a polymer clay brooch

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