I made a new pair of winter shorts

Take a look at my newest, most comfortable new pair of winter shorts.

Psst! In the meantime I’ve uploaded the pattern for these shorts and created a step by step tutorial.

I saw these really nice shorts the other day over at Delia’s. I was like wow, I love these. And then I started wondering why I liked them so much. Well for once, they looked just like the other pair of shorts I made by mistake some time ago. Secondly, they have an elastic band that looks cool, and thirdly: pockets!

But I didn’t like the fabric, I didn’t like that center seam on the waistband (call me crazy, i don’t mind) and I thought those pleats right under the elastic waistband were just weird.

The inspiration shorts:


I might get a pattern and modify it, I though. But then I remembered my sad bloomers that wanted to be shorts.

So I made my own pattern and my own shorts. And guess what: I’m planning on making these in a summery fabric too! They are so practical, and they make your waist look pretty. No need to wear a dress 😉