Me Made May 16 – Week 1

Love the idea of MMM16, or Me Made May, the challenge to wear things you’ve made or refashioned yourself for a month. Not so much the idea of selfies 🙂

This week I experimented with illustration as a way to record and share my MMM16 musings.

Monday: leggings and a thrifted sweatshirt that I refashioned and completely reshaped. I made a mistake and forgot to change my needle to ballpoint and had to unpick a seam when I sewed this, which means that there are some unsightly holes under one of the armholes 🙁 I was thinking I could add embroidery to fix that and give this sweatshirt a second refashion.

me made may 16 refashioned sweatshirt

Tuesday: Denim Adelaide dress, yet to be blogged and a black RTW t-shirt. I’ve had this t-shirt for a long time and I am impressed how well it still looks.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 13.21.05

Wednesday: Self made white t-shirt in self-drafted pattern (yay!) and Adelaide world map vest, together with refashioned jeans.

me made may 16 self made vest and tshirt

Thursday: Traditional Romanian Peasant blouse (called “ie” in Romanian) that I did not make but want to try to make one day and a refashioned high-waisted denim skirt. Not pictured, but worn, self knitted white cardigan.

me made may 16 denim skirt and peasant blouse

Friday: refashioned plaid shirt and black joggers (the fancier word for sweatpants:). I’ve had this shirt for more than 10 years and I wear it almost every week. It might even be one of the first men shirts I restyled.

me made may 16 shirt and joggers

It was also fun to do these illustrations every day 🙂

How is your MMM16 going so far?

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