How to make a beautifully draped batwing tunic

bat blouse s


This draped batwing tunic is very easy to make and a perfect project for the weekend. It only took me a couple of hours from sketch to finish and you don’t need any sewing pattern to make this.

When you choose your fabric choose blouse fabrics with a drape, light cottons, like batiste, silk, georgette, etc, but nothing too boxy, unless that is the look you are going for.

draped blouse sketch


First, take a tank top that fits you well but it not too stretchy. You want tank top and not a t-shirt because it will be easier to see where the armhole sits on your pattern. You can use paper if you feel more comfortable, but I just pinned the tank top over the fabric and cut my blouse pattern on the fabric folded in four, keeping the folded sides at the top and at the left of the fabric.

I folded the tank top once, then snipped of the shape of the neck area and created a bat-like wing, cutting the sleeves and that V. The longer your V, the more your blouse will drape. You can play with this shape and create many other blouses or dresses.


how to make a draped blouse the sewing  pattern

The second things I sewed were the neckline and the arm-holes, then I sewed the V’s, making sure I sandwiched inside the ties for wrapping the batwings on the finished piece.



how to sew a draped bat blouse

And that’s it! Easy ! I’d love to see your end result if you decide to make this top.

And don’t thing this is a summer-only piece, you can even take this blouse into autumn by wearing a long-sleeved t-shirt underneath or even a body-con dress.



6 thoughts on “How to make a beautifully draped batwing tunic”

  1. I really like this design. From the front it looks like you have a matching jumper tied round your waist, and from the back it is completely different and neat. I wonder if you could tie it the other way around too. Thanks!

    1. Yes, I tried it the other way around and it works too!
      I think this would be even better in a fabric that drapes more. Or make the front and back from two different fabrics!

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