Make something truly beautiful

This is what I wrote a few weeks back in my bullet journal. And something quite magical happened – I gave myself permission to do it.

I haven’t had taken out the sewing machine in a few months. The time before that had been even longer. For many reasons. No specific need to make a garment, not enough time to make something I needed but that was too complex to make. Other reasons too.

At first I wrote that down in an attempt to block time for creative work – I haven’t stopped making things, just sewing. But this phrase started growing and growing in my mind.

Something truly beautiful.

I would love to make that. That would be exciting.

So I pondered. I sat at the library looking for patterns. I checked my closet – what would I really like to make, what do I wear a lot of. I decided on the item. And found the pattern, then the fabric – I checked my fabric stash and realistically decided I couldn’t cut into the expensive Japanese cotton for this one, but I needed a good thin cotton. I dusted off that craftsy class I never took advantage of.

And I started to sew slowly, slowly, enjoying each seam and taking the time to rest when the project needed rest. And then got back to it, still slowly.

And today I made a shirt. It’s not the first attempt, but it’s the first one that I am proud of.

Can’t wait to wear it.

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